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Hello, I've got a Asus Rampage extreme IV motherboard, and I've got a 4 TB seagate SAS drive,that I bought cheap because i THOUGHT it was SATA....

So I ordered myself a LSI SAS9211-4i 6gb/s SAS controller card,

This thing refuses to work with my motherboard, and does not shpw up anywhere in the bios, during boot up, or in windows.

So after contacting ASUS support, who told me "I am really sorry but we cannot guarantee that all 3rd party hardware works witht he motherboard. we dont have any fix for the issue" got the impression that my SAS controller is NOT supported by this motherboard.

So can anyone name me one that IS supported by this motherboard? Preferably one that supports 6Gb/s data transfer rate per port and isn't too expensive ...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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