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Complete Sig Rig

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Sapphire 4850x2 2GB $180
2x MCW60's $55
MCR220 Reservoir version 35
MCP350 Pump $45
Tubing between all of that $3
GA-EP45-UD3P $90
Q6600 G0 $110
2x1GB 2 sided ballistix $50
2x1GB 1 sided ballistix $40
320GB 7200RPM SATA II Maxtor Drive $40
320GB 7200RPM SATA I Seagate Drive $30
3x Ultra Kaze's $30
Sunbeam Fan Controller $12
OCZ 850W GameXStream PSU $50
Wireless G PCI Card $10
DVD RW Liteon Drive $20
HAF 932 $100 + shipping
80CFM Thermaltake thunderblade $7
Antec Tricool 78CFM Fan $7
Dtek DB1 pump $45
Dtek Fuzion V1 block $30
Black Ice Extreme 240MM Radiator $40
Swiftech Micro Res x2 $30
Floppy drive $10

What's that worth?

The only thing not included in shipping would be the HAF 932 as it's one big mofo.
Adds up to $1072
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Posted the prices I was thinking
S1283 should be about $20...
UD3P closer to $80 I think.
Everything else is reasonable
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I wouldn't drop those so low considering shipping.
you should be able to get more for the psu, maybe 75?maybe 50 for the mcp350 pump, other than the the prices look good, maybe a little more the the mcw60's

damn I wish I had money for the mcw60s
prices look good
3 x ultra kaze. those go 10 bucks new
if you sell i need 2
oh yeah psu add 15-20
$15-20 low on the PSU.

$30 too high on the 4850x2- 4870 x2's go for around $220
$10-20 too high on the Q6600- It's starting to show it's age

If you were going to try to sell the entire rig complete, I doubt you would even get $1k for it.
Alright, prices edited, and it adds up to $1072 this time.
Price is still the same the PSU, but everything else looks good now.
meh, i don't need to sell the psu any higher. i figure i'll get a buyer quick that way.
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