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complete system + XBOX 360 and games

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I want to sell my sig rig in the near future as I'm headed off to college and will need a laptop more than this. I also am going to sell my xbox 360 with all the games as I don't play it that often anyways and it will only be a distraction in college.

I was thinking that I could get more money by selling it as a whole on craigslist than on OCN (no disrespect to OCN but I need to get as much out of it as possible because it's my dad's money and not mine). I'd also be including in the package a Samsung Syncmaster 793mb? (17" CRT) and Logitech X-240's along with the keyboard and mouse which I'll probably just throw in there seeing they're not worth charging.

I was also thinking about parting out if that would get me more money (but I don't think so)

The Xbox 360 is the Premium 60nm one with one wireless controller w/wired headset.
I don't have that big of a collection of games because all I played for about the two years of owning it was Forza 2.
I have:

Halo 3
Madden 08
Grand Theft Auto 4
Call of Duty 4
Forza 2/Modern Marvel Ultimate Alliance (came free with system)

My question for you guys: How much can I get for both items on either Craigslist, OCN, and/or other classifieds?
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For both?

Let's see. The rig will probably bring $500, and the Xbox 360 + games would probably bring $225. So, my estimate would be around $725.
Around $230 for the 360 and games, they have come way down in price lately
what does microsoft have up it's sleeve!?
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i'll give u 150 for the xbox itself =D seeing as in i can get a brand new one for 200
I'm probably going to buy a dark knight or scythe mugen 2 and overclock it to ~ 3.8 so will advertising that to a noob bring in more money? I was hoping for a little more than $500.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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