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Completed: OEM GTX 580 1.5GB, EVGA GTX 285 1gb, ASRock AOD790GX/128M, AMD Phenom II x3 710

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Hi, I was kinda wondering what i could get for a few things,
First up is my GTX 580, it is pretty much new i have only had it for 3 months and it works perfectly it is capable of doing over 1GHz with 1.20V and 985 at 1.15V and still stay under 75C. I currently have it flashed to EVGA Hydrocopper clocks and it loads at 65C.

Next is my old GTX 285 that is a fair bit old and i am not the original owner but EVGA did accept the serial and claims it has lifetime warranty but i doubt it considering i don't have any proof of purchase. Never the less it works perfectly and the highest temperature i ever seen it hit was 68C.

Next up is my current MoBo it's an ASRock AOD 790GX/128M it works perfectly i also added some MOSFET heatsinks and they stay very cool.
Next up is my Phenom II i am able to unlock the 4th core and have it be stable at 3.3GHz with 1.4V i may be able to go higher but i don't see a need.
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580 - 140$ shipped.
285 - 50$ shipped.
ASRock 790GX MB - 40$ shipped.
Phenom II X3 710 - 35$ shipped.

580 - $150
285 - $60
790GX - $40
X3 710 $40

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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