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Component Suggestions...

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I am getting together a HTPC/Server to run MythTV and various other tasks. My current hardware is:

2x Intel Xeon 1.6gHz CPUS (that are running 2.0ghz without hs fans hehehe)
Asus PC-DL Mobo
1.5gb RAM
WD Raptor 36gb
2x 320gb drives (1 logical volume)
Leadtek Winfast TV 2000XP Tuner
AMS Mercury 550w power supply
A crappy TNT2 video card

Ok, so the first thing I am looking for is an agp video card. I want an Nvidia card preferably (I'd like to avoid having more fun with ATI and Linux than I've had already), that can handle 1080P and has the Component out dongle socket. At the moment I am looking at 6200 GS cards on ebay. I like passive cooling, but am unsure if they have enough power.

Second, I would probably like a tuner (or 2) with a hardware encoder, maybe even cablecard and hd capable?

Next, are there any common knowledge "quiet" hard drives of decent capacity available? As they are the loudest things in the box, I'd like to swap to a single quiet big one (and I can't afford a big SSD). Between 500gb and 1 tb is good (I have a seperate file server for dvds).

While on the subject of noise, are there any good quiet DVD-Roms?

When it is all said and done I will slow the Xeons down as much as possible without affecting performance and it should be a relatively quiet box that can multitask well.

Thanks for any help, I will update thread if I find more info first.
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