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If i am using the component cables on my 360 will it still work with the Left and Right audio cables plugged in?
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You have to use the L and R audio cables still. They're used for both component and composite.
alright. By chance do you know if this will work with 360. Im getting a new 24" monitor and it has HDMI , DVI , and VGA.

Since my 360 has component and no HDMI i was wondering if this converter thing would work - http://sewelldirect.com/dvivideoadapter.asp
Save some money and get yourself a VGA Cable that looks like this http://www.game.co.uk/Accessories/Xb...able/~r327668/

The component cables look really bad and the quality is horrid. With the VGA it's crystal clear
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I confirm.
VGA looks better on my 1080p TV, colors are alive.

Heard that VGA had 2 things that component don't have; some horizontal and vertical sync stuff, more bandwich, that component had compressed RBG (or sumtin) and that VGA had pure RGB (or sumtin).

Bought the VGA cable the other day and don't regret my purchase.
what xbox model do you have? i have the old pro version and I have an HDMI output on my console. not sure what youre exactly talking about, but i do know that if you do have an HDMI output on your xbox, you can grab an HDMI cable and attach it from your Xbox to your tv. HDMI does transfer both audio and video, but incase you still need the A/V cables, you can mod the A/V - Component cables that come with your xbox by cracking open the case on the end of that cable which attaches to the xbox and that way you can have both a/v - component cables + HDMI cables. my friend had to do this for his Turtle Beach, and I was going to do it but I ended up finding another way.
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