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Compressor HP/Voltage Questions

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Ok, So I am planning to make my next project to be a phase project and I would like some input on compressors.

Ideally it would have the ability to use 220v and 110v inputs because I am planning on moving to Europe within the next few months. I would also loke it to be low HP and small so I can fit it into the computer case itself. I found one that is about 1/4 hp from danfoss, but they only offer 110v and 220v models separately.

Thanks for the input!
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I can't imagine finding a compressor that runs on both. But it wouldn't be hard to find a step-up converter. Ultimately I'd say buy the 220 version and run a 220 cord from your laundry room to your computer room until you move. The HP is actually contingent on the load so it's not really up to you.
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I think I may just wait until I move to actually do this project. I don't really know how hard it is to internationally transport refrigerants anyway.
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