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Computer Keeps Freezing Please Help.

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Guys as you know I sent my striker in for rma and baught the p5n32-e sli. Now I installed windows ran fine for about a day and now everytime i try to boot it will freeze. Sometimes it will get to windows and freeze sometimes just bios screen freezes right away

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Have you tried swapping the RAM and/or trying 1 single module at a time?

Also, it could be the PSU that it's failing. Those things are the ones I'd check if I were you.......update the BIOS as well, nForce don't like Quad-Cores from what I've red in magazine articles.
I also think either psu unit or bios issue as im still on 0602... updating now... but it wont let me freezes before i get a chance
Do it from a floppy/USB flash drive.

Go into the BIOS with a flash drive with the BIOS files on it, then go to "EZ-Flash" or something like that.
EZ-FLASH yea that works well if you can get to it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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