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[Computer Power User] Free 6 issue subscription US + CA

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Complete form here to receive a complimentary subscription to CPU.

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Thanks! Nice deal.
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i've signed up for this 3 months ago and i absolutly love this magazine when my free 6 moths is up i'm def buying.
Will they charge when the 6 months is up?
On the page it said:

If you love cutting edge hardware, Computer Power User has an amazing offer for you! Simply enter your contact information and source code below and receive a complimentary 6-issue subscription to CPU! No credit card required, nothing to cancel and no catch!

Excellent mag... best enthusiast PC mag IMO.
Awesome man. I just ordered and can't wait. + rep
yay now i get magazines to burn in the fireplace
Thank you very much, rarely do they include Canada! Rep+
Repping for online deals is against the rules. :/
did anyone get their mags yet? it's been like 3 weeks...
1 - 20 of 132 Posts
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