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computer problem-bsod

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ive been running my pc at 3.2 ghz for several months without problems. I started to fold and left my pc on for a couple days at 100% cpu use.
after a few days it shut down. at first i thought it was an update or just some error, but since then i havent been able to run my pc without programs crashing or bsod

ive had memory problems before, but i think it was just from running them at 450 mhz (400 now)

i think it might be a psu problem because its a cheap 600 watt ultra psu
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Is your computer stable with Prime95?

Originally Posted by Sonorously
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Run MemTest86 and post all your settings.

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it was definitely stable before ran prime 95 for 36 hours when first overclocked it
Hard drive maybe?
how should i go about testing whats wrong
Well, if it was stable before, it might not be now. Run Prime95 again, and if that's stable for at least 8 hours move on to MemTest86 for at least one full pass.
yea i can even use the computer for normal use without it freezing or bsod
Run MemTest86 and Prime95. If that's stable, I would say do a clean uninstall of Windows and reinstall again. That usually solves all my problems. But that's me. Every Windows system I've ever used has degraded to nothing. My old Lappy needed a clean install of XP every 3 months because Windows thought it was a smart idea to start deleting system files. (No, it wasn't spyware or viruses, I had Spybot S&D and McAffe installed and checked every week)
if it was stable before y would it quit now
i tried running everything at stock settings but it still crashed
im pretty sure its my psu will memtest tell me if i need more power

and im testing my theory with a 450 watt psu from a old computer do you think that is enough power for a q9450 and 9800gtx
450w psu-q9450 9800gtx=FAIL lol
that sucks cause i just found the psu does 400 not 450

how else can i test if its the psu
if you have an old vid card that dosnt use extra power plug that in and throw the 450W in, or is that not an option?
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