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i need to sell a computer for a friend, i will put it on local craigslist as i don't want to ship all this stuff

heres whats included:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 ~ 2.13 GHz
320Gb SATA hard drive + 120Gb IDE hard drive + 80Gb external portable hard drive
2 GB of DDR2 RAM
nVidia GeForce 8800GTS - 640mb
500 Watt power supply
DVD Burner / Reader

2x 80mm blue LED fans
3x 80mm fans
2x 10inch blue cold cathode lights

19 inch HANNS-G wide screen monitor

wireless mouse
multimedia keyboard
creative webcamera
saitek cyborg evo gaming joystick

games included:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Command and Conquer Generals - Deluxe Edition
Lock On - Modern Air Combat
Dark Messiah Might and Magic

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Ohh okay, I'd say about 400-500 dollars if you're able to pull of a nice tale with your computer in the discription about how amazing it is

Maybe about 600 if you try and sell it all as a set. But main thing about selling something on craigslist is don't get discouraged at all the low ballers. Just hold off and somebody will buy

Joystick might be hard to sell though since most people don't use it

You'd probably have better luck selling webcam and joystick seperately just sell PC/Keyboard+Mouse/Monitor is your best bet.

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yea, im out of the states right now so ill post it on craigslist when i come back in amonth,

i also forgot to mention that it will include win xp pro x64
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