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Computer starts... But no signal on monitor ? HELP!

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Hi, I have built a computer for a friend and when turning on the screen just comes up with no "signal"

The specs are as follows:

Motherboard: Asrock 990fxa Extreme 4
CPU: FX 6300
Ram: G skill ripjaw 1600mhz
PSU: 550w coolermaster gx2
Monitor: LG 23" 24EN43VS-B
GPU: 7790 Asus

I got it to boot once, and installed windows,

But wont get signal again after restarting...

I have checked all the cables and all seems to plugged in correctly, is there a specific spot that the vga cables needs tot be connected on the monitor and graphics card ?

Could it be a faulty GPU ?
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If it has a integrated gpu in the motherboard try that, which all u got to do is remove the video card. Unless you already tried that then it could be PSU or video card.
It doesnt have a intergrated graphics card, so any other ideas ?
Well, I removed one stick of ram, and it seems to boot absolutely fine... phew

Well sort of..

He is going to replace it tomorrow.. So is there any ram that anyone can recommend that will work best ?

well G.skill has very good ram, everyone gets unlucky sometimes with bad parts it's just how it is
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