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Computer Won't Boot! Help.

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Ok here's what happened, my computer was acting kind of weird yesterday and like when I was listening to music (don't know if this has anything to do w/ it) it would like freeze and make a loud noise for a few seconds and then go back to the song (seemed like the computer would freeze for a few seconds too). Well when I turned off my computer it was just sitting at the blue screen of windows xp and not shutting down. Well i just manually shut down (held the turn off/on button for a few seconds) the computer and didn't think much of it. I come home today and turn on the computer, looks like everything is pretty much the same but when it gets to the windows xp screen where the blue bars go across, they just keep going across and nothing else happens. I have no idea what is going on! My main problem is that I need some data off the computer, I can reformat if I have to i just need that data!!! Please help. :swearing:

Also, I just scanned the computer with norton antivirus (booted from cd) and there were no virus'.
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1. Reseat all cards and memory.
2. Try removing any possible periphals to reduce voltage usage, may be the power supply is crapping out.
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