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Hi guys,please help me out:

asus x99 i7 5960 build ;overclocked to +-4.68 1.36V CPU 2.24V vcore Temps were usually around 69-74 C when running at full speed. Never above 75. Had it running max 20 hrs/week at full capacity.

Now I tried to connect an Ide pata drive through an adapter,the first time after having just connected the 4pin smps supply the pc immediately turned off,as if the power went off.

After that wouldnt start,I disconnected the ide adapter and usb sticks,mouse and keyboard;then started normally but 'failed to overclock'' (shows every time after a crash)

The second time,after having already connected the adapter and ide drive,trying to start it went off in less than 2 sec

After that,00 code and wont post.

Tried: Cmos change,other psu,Ram resetting,cpu and mobo supply cables reconnecting etc to no avail

Before this everything worked just fine.

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I would remove all power from the board and remove battery...clear CMOS that way. Leave it over night...

Then try it...maybe reflash BIOS BIOS flashback method/try other BIOS if you have two chips on that board

Obviously don't connect stuff that shorts out

00 is not a good code
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