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Confuse with GC and PSU compatibility

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I recently read up some articles about how to reads the 12V current rating for certain PSU. I am now using a Cooler Master Real Power Pro 650W and my rigs specs is as my siggy.

I read up some specifications requirements for GTX 285 is that it needs at least minimum 550W with 12V current rating of 46A and CM RP Pro 650W only draws 45A at 3x12V rails.

Previously i had some probs OC'ing my GC where when it goes further than 660-665/1514/1250 (factory cloak at 648/1478/1242), it will crash my games or auto restart my comps.

Is it probs with the 12V current ratings? I've seen Corsair TX650 has single 12V rails with 50A current rating..
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You should be fine with a 650W man
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