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Confused on what to do. Suggestions?

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I've been using my sig rig for 4 years faithfully but its really starting to show its age lately. I've happened upon an old c2d e4400 business machine, that I built for my moms old business. The business shut down, she gave me the computer. Now heres what I'm wondering, should I upgrade the essentials (mobo,ram,psu,video card) and OC the 4400, or should I sell the computer to someone for a bit of cash and save for a new computer all together? Right now I've got this put together on newegg

and I've got an old x64 winxp disc thats never been used sitting around. I guess what I'm wondering is would this setup be bottlenecked horribly by an OC'd e4400? Or would I be better off saving for an AMD quadcore with this setup?
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Sell it off and go for an AMD package. You can get a good barebones kit for under $300 (board, processor and ram).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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