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Confusing 3dMark Vantage Results

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Hi guys,

I'm confused as to why my 3dMark results are so different without changing anything. If you look at this picture

you can see that I've had scores from 20k to 28k, all with the same parts/clocks.

Also where it shows this result and the previous result there is a huge difference in my CPU score and GPU score is pretty different to.

Anyone have any idea whats going on?

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Originally Posted by youra6 View Post
Turning on physx can change ur CPU scores BY ALOT
Yea that's the first thing I thought of but I'm pretty sure it was on for all tests.

I just did 2 more just to check.

With Physics - 22,589
Without - 18,440

Maybe the 27k result was just a fluke?
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Its funny because some people claim that physx cheats the test. And it all might be true. I turn it off to get a true sense of performance.

Let me ask you, with that 18k score, was that with 275 in SLI?

Maybe you enabled SLI.

27k for a 2 way SLI is very good on vantage... Maybe a bit too good. Ive seen people get close to 30k with a 3 way but never with a 2 way SLI
Do you ever mess with the settings in your NV control panel (like, turning on AA, or supersampling, that sort of thing)? Almost any time I suddenly get a low benchmark score it turns out to be because I forgot to double-check my CP settings, and I have AA or v-sync forced on, or something like that.
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