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confusing e6320 or e6300

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i'm new to intel.so i would recommend your suggest either to buy e6320 or e6300....both price are slightly same and what about their overclocking?
sorry for bad english...
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buy the E6320. they are exactly the same except the 6320 has 4 MB of L2 cache memory instead of 2.
The 6320 has 4 mb cache compared to 2 mb and they should overclock the same more is on cooling and stepping I believe.
I believe the 6320 won't overclock quite as well but you should still be able to push it really far. Go for the 6320 as it has more L2 Cache
Get the e6320, its just a 4mb cache version of the other..which is a good thing for games and benchmarking.
Get the E6320. It has 4MB of L2 cache over the E6300/E6400.
thanks you guys....awesome!!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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