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connecting over the internet

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i was wondering how to connect to my parents computer which runs xp and my computer which runs vista together? i would like a real basic way like an ftp or something i already tried logmein.com my trial is up and i dont really want to use a program to do it so i was wondering if anyone knew of some really raw form to do this.
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Are the computers in the same house? If so a Crossover cable, or a router (hub) and a shared folder would do the trick. If not setup FileZilla (ftp server client) on both machines and use it to connect them to share files.
ok they seem useful but what about if i run a server on linux it says on the ftpzilla page that the server OS has to be windows so is there a ftp utility that i can use the server portion on a linux system and use the client on windows?
FTP is FTP no matter the operating system. So yes you can setup a linux server and a windows client. gFTP is probably the easiest to configure, but there are dozens of FTP servers clients that work on all flavors of linux and BSD. If plan on leaving the server running all the time definitely use linux for its security.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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