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Connection drops when downloading using patchers

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I use the Linksys WRT54g with tomato CFW 1.26. When I use patchers for AoC, Champions Online, and LotROs frustrating patcher I start out with a high download until it stops and I have to relaunch the patcher. With bit torrent I always have a constant fast speed with no connection loss. I play games like TF2 with a great ping while downloading files at 2 Mb/s, but its a completely different story with these patchers. Is it something I don't have configured correctly in my routers settings?
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Shut down any other BitTorrent clients while using those patchers. Generally they also (secretly) use the BitTorrent protocols and it's possible they can get confused.
Probably not a whole lot you can do. I've seen regular BitTorrents (not game patches) perform in exactly this way, as well, and I've yet to figure out why.
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