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considering a move to an i5... anyone with dirt 2 benches? *specific setup wanted*

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im looking for benchmarks to compare to. i want to see if it would be worth it to just from my x4 945 to an i5 2500k.

if anyone out there has benchmarks from 3dmark or dirt 2(since i play that), and has an i5-2500k AND a gtx 560ti, please post.

the gtx 560ti is a must. i want the only real variable to be the change in cpu.

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from all the pc hardware review sites i read, youll see a good amount of performance. the i5 2500k always performed better than the high end 1st gen i7's in gaming. so if you really want more fps, i would do it =p, if youre happy with the fps youre getting i wouldnt bother.
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