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Title pretty much sums it up. I currently have a crucial m4 64gb sata III ssd, a Seagate barracuda sata II 7200rpm terabyte and a western digital caviar se sata II 320gb hd in my gaming pc.....my ambient temps are a little higher then what id like and after an hour of gaming my drives warm just a bit. I think its a combination of 2 things causing this, A. my video card even with the fan profile ramped up creates a lot of heat and causes the drives to run warmer then they should. B. the fact that the 2 mechanicals are stacked nearly on top of each other and are warming up more. there is a drive slot space between the drives in question. my frame rates in games stay solid, but my mouse gets crazy not wanting to respond right at all. it has the latest drivers and firmware installed. the m4 is up to the latest firmware and stores the OS and device drivers and antivirus and is currently over half empty so I don't think I need to upgrade that. heres what im considering to increase internal storage. I currently have a about 2/3rds of my games installed and they are taking up a nice chunk on my terabyte, and I use the 320gb hd for data storage for my music and ISO's and pictures and my documents and whatever else may have you. I'm considering a western digital 2tb green drive as I can get one at microcenter for $79.99
I've added another fan into my system in order to move the hot air up and out of the case towards the back. so the flow is the front 200mm fan pushes air into the drive cage, I have a 120mm fan mounted towards the back edge of the optical drive cage pushing air towards the mainboard, there is a 120mm case fan pushing air up from the bottom of the case, then there is a 200mm side fan pushing air into the case from the one side, theres a rear 120mm fan pulling air out of the back of the case and then the fans on my cooler master seidon 240m are mounted at the very top to also push air out of the case. all of my fan controller channels are full with one of them running both of the 120mm fans on the seidon 240m cooler.
what do you guys think....would the 2 terabyte green drive have enough performance for program storage and data storage and gaming loading times. the price is certainly appealing.
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