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Considering ATI for next build, questions within

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Right, so, I've always been an NVIDIA guy, but with the way things are looking for them, I'm considering ATI for the next go-around.

My NVIDIA cards never gave me any problems in any games, but I've heard that ATI has troubles with some games engines, like the Crytek engine and the engine for Unreal Tournament 3.

Are these things true? Are they eventually improved upon/fixed?

And a last thing: My friend upgraded from an 8500GT to a ATI 4670, and in one of his 2D games, things were painfully slow. If I turned the "effects" off then the game went back to running pretty smooth, but with effects on it seemed like the game was trying to send everything to the CPU.

Does ATI have troubles like this in these less intensive games too? It was Ragnarok Online, if it matters, or is a known issue.
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ati cards are worse at crysis, its not some issue. Its how the game is optimised, I doubt it will change. You are a "folding fanatic", so ATI will fail at that.
ATI cards shouldnt have issues with 2d games afaik.
It shouldn't be a problem for ATI. Might have been a software conflict or something. ATI is optimized for Crysis and Unreal too now. Nvidia still is a little better for those games, but overall, ATI is better now
ATI cards are about where they should be (performance wise) in Crysis.
For me a volt modded 8800GTS -> 4870 let me set all settings in Warhead to "enthusiast".

Driver wise Nvidia is definitely the way to go. This 4870 was my first ATI card, and though I love the efficiency of its design, the driver issues are just horrid. I can't wait for my GTX 285 to arrive so I can go back.

Folding wise the ATI cards are horrible. Much much less PPD, and they have a huge CPU usage (usually about 50% across 2 cores for me).
I have a Saphire 4870X2 with no issues, plays crysis warhead just fine. It does offload a lot of folding off to the host cpu. I had switched over from a EVGA 8800 Gtx. i am not looking back. I have way less problems with my Ati card than I did with my nVidia card. But the choice is yours choose wisely.
i never had any problems with my card. and it's my 1st ati card actually.
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