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Control 4 Fans with 1 controller?

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I'm making a custom side panel that will have 4 fans blowing on my mobo. the question is can i make eather a switch or is there a fan controller that can control the speed of all 4? i want to turn them off sometimes because it can get rather noisy.
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Not so cheap

Even better

All of those will handle 4 fans...most user's swear they can handle instane amounts of fans via Y connecters..so one knob can controll mulitiple fans.

I'm going to try the rheosmart out for a bunch of high powerd San Ace fans. Hope this helps
I'm using the rheosmart now, and have 6 fans running across 2 channels myself. Works just fine. I plan on pushing it to x6 GT AP15's per channel - across 3 channels - in my next build. at 30w per channel, there is plenty of power.
I'm using a Lamptron FC-2 and it's rated for 45 watts per channel. The thing is well built, runs around 32C, and I currently have the following on it:
Channel1: 4x 92mm Panaflo Ultra RPM (2.7w each) 10.8 watts total
Channel2: 2x Silverstone FM121 (4.8w each) 9.6 watts
Channel3: Laing D5B pump (up to 24 watts max, 18 typical) 18 watts
Channel4: Lain D5B pump (up to 24 watts max, 18 typical) 18 watts
Channel5: 4x Scythe Kama flex SA1225FDB12H (2.88w each) 11.52 watts
Channel6: 4x 120x38mm Panaflo High RPM (6.12w each) 24.48 watts

Total wattage: 92.4 watts.

If I crank up Channel 6 quickly, I can hear a touch of squeal as the fans spool up, but it's only on initial spinup, and disappears entirely in about 1 second. The power connector is 3 female Molex, all into a binding post setup on the actual fan controller. Very solidly built, and I haven't noticed any motor whine.

I almost bought a Rheobus instead, but am quite happy with the Lamptron.
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