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Convert Movies to PS3

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I have some ripped movies and I need them to be converted to PS3 Format.

Everytime I put a movie on my PS3 (it is in .avi format) and go to play it, I get un-supported format. Any program out there that easily converts my files to the PS3 format without a lot of mumbo-jumbo?
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Anything that converts to divx or xvid should work if your ps3 is up to date. There's about 10 million of those programs.
Indeed, Update your PS3 and it will have the divx codec installed that is the probably your best bet. If you're PS3 isn't online you can download the firmware from the playstation website and put it on a USB flash drive and update that way. There will be info of the file system you must use on your USB on the website. I'm pretty sure its 'PS3 -> UPDAT -> PS3UPAT.PUP'

But don't quote me on that.

Hope this helps.
Mine has never had problems playing avi files. If you update and still have problems check out red kawa, they make a converter that will convert to all sorts of formats.
ps3 should natively play the avi files if they are xvid, if they are some other wierd codec in a avi container, then you can use megui to convert, has worked for me
SuperConverter is a good program to convert the files if need be.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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