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Cooler Case

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I'm planing on building a case out of a cooler.

I'll have two levels to it. Psu and mobo on the 1st and HD + CD roms on the 2nd.

I'll drill holes for the wires and cut ou a shape for the cd/dvd.

The lower level will be submerged in baby oil to replace the fans on the mobo and the psu. I'm planning on having 2 case fans. One built in the front and one in back. This way we get some air circulating.

Will this be enough ? How should I place my case fans ? (Eg, aligned front to back on 2nd lvl, not aligned, what ever comes to your mind as better

If you guys have any tips or suggestions, please post.

I will be working on drawing plans. I'll post them up in a few days.

Edit :
If there is a cheap way to cool the oil and that is practicly soundless and is under 100$ .. let me know
. There would be about 2 gallons of oil tops.