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Cooler for a XP 2500+ !?!

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I currently have my Barton overclocked to 11 x 200 but I had to increase vcore to 1.75. So temps are idling about 39 to 41c with my current cooler about half way up. I have a Thermaltake Smart Fan 2 hooked up and it is way to loud (installed on a volcano 10 base). Is this temp average for that overclock? I really like some advice on what I should do. If there is a better combo for under $35 and is a better performer and quieter then please link me or give some suggestions. I thought that with the volcano 10s all copper base and the cfms of the smart fan then my temps would be lower. I am already using AS5. Thanks!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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