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Cooler for X1950 Pro

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My X1950 Pro for a few months now has started seriously overheating when gaming and ultimately crashing my PC after fancy displays of stretched polygons and artifacts.

I've bought myself a HD 4850 and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival, but I would like to fix my X1950 Pro so I can use it as a backup card or sell it. Assuming its the stock cooler that is dodgy (I've tried applying AS5 with no luck), what would be a good and preferably inexpensive cooler I could use with it?
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Arctic Accelero X2. Mine runs at 34c idle and 52c load.
Seems great but I can't seem to find it online (I'm in Australia). I wish Newegg shipped here :\\
does your card the digital or analog phase. if its digital it could be the vrm's over heating
yeah, get the AC.
Have you tried cleaning the heatsink and fan?

I had the same thing happen to my 1900XTX...turns out my heatsink was 100% clogged
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Just use ATITool and make a fan profile. I don't see a reason to go drop $35 on a $40 card.

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Just use ATITool and make a fan profile. I don't see a reason to go drop $35 on a $40 card.
Yup, makes a lot of sense. At the most, I'd replace the TIM (it worked wonders on my X1650XT which ran as hot as an X1950Pro). You'd be surprised how good the stock heatsink can perform with well-applied TIM.
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I have cleaned it before and that didn't fix it, and I've tried setting the fan speed to 100% in ATI tool and it still overheats. I've also tried underclocking it, but that would just send my screen blank for some reason and I would have to reboot.
Could be an issue with the heatsink mount. Have you pulled it apart and put non-terrible stock TIM on the chip?

I'd suggest doing so if you haven't.

EDIT: Are the mounting holes the same as an X1*00 reference card? I have an x1800xt doing nothing, the cooler would probably work way better. Seeing as that's a non-reference card I highly doubt it'd work though.
The Thermalright V2 did me proud on my old X1900XT - but I'll also let you know that soon after my X1900XT had problems like yours it pretty much died. Well, it was causing "dead" pixels on my desktop while not even in a game, so I considered it done.
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