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Hey guys,

So i just build a new system wil the Cooler master haf xm.
Now... what i want to do is upgrade the air cooling on it.
Problem is... i do not know that much about fans.
So these are the specs of the case http://www.coolermaster.com/product/Detail/case/mid-tower/haf-xm.html
Now...i see there i can mount 2x 120 mm fans on the HDD cage... but it says 120x25... uhmm dose that mean i have to find specific fans and not all 120 mm will fit ?
What fans to buy ? some people say static pressure is most important in a fan... what is the specification that indicates this static pressure ?
Or should i just use high CFW fans ? ... Noctua ? Corsair ? and witch fans and why ?..... i know i ask alot of questions
That is because i want to understand more about fans.

What would you do to upgrade the air cooling of this case ?

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First it would help to know what all you have in your system.

From link supplied it appears you have 1x 200mm front intake and 1x 140mm rear exhaust.

What kind of temps are you getting now?

What is the air temp in front of GPU fans and CPU fan?

Getting case setup and cooling properly is the hardest part of the build... And the most neglected by most builders.

Putting fans in case as intake and/or exhaust is only the first step. These fans only move air in and out of case.

This does not mean heated air is not mixing with cool air.

Nor does it mean cool air is going to where it is needed.

Getting the air to flow inside of case properly is even more important.

How we manage that is what determines where the air flows inside the case. We can do this several ways; deflectors, cooler intake fans, exhaust fans, removing vent grills, using fans with higher pressure/airflow, building ducts to or from CPU/GPU cooler, etc.

Using a remote temperature sensor is the key to finding out where the cool air is flowing and knowing heated air is not mixing into it. By monitoring this we can than make changes to get airflow the way we want it.

I monitor the temps with a cheap indoor/outdoor wired remote or terrarium digital thermometer to monitor air temps. Twist a piece of stiff insulated wire into the last 8" of sensor lead so you can bend it to position sensor where you want it... like 40mm in front of your GPU cooler/radiator intake.. to see what the air temp going into CPU / GPU cooler is compared to room temp. The closer it is to room temp the better.. Shouldn't be more 5c maximum, 2-3c is what I usually end up with after 30 minutes full load on both CPU and GPU.
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Static Pressure is the 0.00mm H2O but remember static pressure rating is the level water reaches when air stops moving.
CFM is cubic feet per minute of air movement when their is no resistance to the airflow Like setting on an open bench... no grill, no filter, no restriction at all.

CM forum moderator specs your fan as:

200mm - approximately:
Speed (R.P.M.) 700 RPM
Air Flow (CFM) 110 CFM
Air pressure (mmH2O) 0.595 mm H2O
Noise Level 19 dBA
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Hy and ty for the answer.

Now.. i have no way atm of measuring air temperature but i can tell you what temps i am getting and what is my setup.
Case : Cooler Master Haf XM
Proc : Intel Core I5 4th Gen 4670k
MB : GA-Z87x-UD5H
RAM : 2x4 GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHZ CL9 1.5V
Video : Asus Geforce GTX660TI
SSD : Samsung 840 PRO 128GB
Sound : Creative X-FI Fatality Gamer Pro
PSU : Seasonic M12 700 W (Modular)
Coolers : Noctua NH-D14, 2x Cooler Master 200mm (in Front + out Top) , Cooler Master 140mm (out Back)
I mounted my PSU with the big intake downward and i did not remove the dust filter in that location on the case. My psu also has a smaller fan on the front that says it will only activate based on temp. is it a intake or a blower style fan ? i never new... cause if its a blower then it blows hot air directly into the front fans cold air intake stream.
The top 200 mm is not the same quality as the 200 mm at the front , it also came with the case and it spins slightly slower ... around 700 RPM while the front one is around 750 RPM at full.
Temp wise on the cpu i am getting spikes from 58 to 75 (under full load) the proc is OCd at 4.2 GHZ with 1.2 V. i ran aida 64 for 3h, there is where i saw the spikes, now... aida also said that the average temp on the hottest core is 63.2 after 3h of running it. I understand this spikeness is normal for haswell ? ...temp just moves around all the time!.
For my graphics card im getting around 66 c at full load. When i OC to 910 mhz , 1.050v i get a maximum of 70c

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Your temps are good the way it is. And without knowing what the air temp going into CPU and GPU intakes makes impossible to know what is best. Really need a cheapy indoor/outdoor digital thermometer as suggested above.

Only suggestion is try top 200mm as side intake to see what the temps are, than as exhaust. Could try it as top intake too and see what temps are. The top and side venting should let hot air exhaust with no problem. Only possible problem is 200mm fans not being able to push enough air because of resistance of grills. It won't hurt anything to try it and see... and it many improve cooling.
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