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Coolermaster CM690 side panel [UK]

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I have a CM690 waiting for me at xmas, the pure edition and it would be cool if people could link me to a UK website that sells these, and at a cheap price. (below £25 if possible)


Above is the only one i found.
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I suggest looking in the OCN marketplace. See what you can find?
i got mine from aria but they have none in stcok any more m8

cant see they anywhere me

thought about modding your own?
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They'll be in real short supply because the CM690 2 is coming out fairly soon. I doubt they are producing the old case or parts any more.

It's from their part store in europe

Originally Posted by wiggy2k7 View Post
+1... Thats the site i was going to post
Same here!

Thats where I got mine from
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