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I just got the cosmos 1000 today, but there were a few flaws with it I want to share.

#1 The sidepanel on the right where all the cables are routed through will not close at all. I cannot seem to properly close it because the wires seem to be preventing it from closing.

#2 Extremely hot! I'm running dual5970s, and even on idle they are running HOT! More hotter than inside my old 800D. Ventilation is poorer than I thought.

#3 Sharp! The panels are extremely sharp, and I already have several big cuts on my foot

#4 Stock 120mm fans are extremely underpowered. They seem to be only [email protected] 1300 rpms, and only push about 10CFM each.

any cosmos 1000 owners out there experience this before?


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#1: Everyone has this problem you just have to make it work. Some people remove the foam to make more room.
#2: Again this case is known for not having good airflow. You are just going to have to mod it like I did.
#3: Never had a problem with any sharp edges on my case.
#4:Who ever keeps their stock fans?

Look at mine:
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