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Coolermaster Cosmos

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Anyone have opinions on this case. I can get it for $100 and it comes with several different side panels to use. I really need a bigger case for my new Mobo and the hard drives I plan to be adding soon. Seems to have some pretty good reviews, but the folks here on OCN are more the targets that I'd like to see review a case.
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Are you getting the Cosmos or the Cosmos S?

If you are thinking about getting a Cosmos S...then by all means do it. The only downside that I view from the case is that the hard drive bays are tough as all hell to work with. Other than that, the case is exceptionally large and any of the new ATI behemoth graphics cards would fit inside of it. The only other con that I can think of with the Cosmos S is that it lacks a cut out for behind the cpu on the motherboard tray.

Edit: Also forgot to add that the Cosmos S a superb watercooling case that can fit even the thickest of 360 rads internally.
This one: Click.
I think it's a pretty awesome case and for 100 get it!
I went and bought it. It came with an aftermarket black anodized side panel, and the original silver sound dampening one.
Oh boy..you got the first gen cosmos....NOT GOOD.

You will need to figure out a way to cool your hard drive as they are known to overheat with the first gen cosmos...and that is why coolermaster came out with the Cosmos S.
Unless you think they're ugly, the egg had the haf 932 for like 85% After rebate
DUDE IF YOU ARE GETTING COSMOS S FOR 100 BUCKS THEN BUY IT!!!!!! if you think it's ugly then sell it XD
I got the first gen Cosmos. I'll be putting a fan above the hard drives to draw heat out, with one between the cage bay and the front panel. The entire case may be getting disassembled and polished anyway. Not sure yet. Either way, I'll have to pull it down quite a bit I"m willing to bet.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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