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Cooling effeciently

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I have a few questions
1) is there any substitute for thermal paste im broke. hehe

2) does it help to remove the cpu/gpu case?
3) how can I measure fans cfm and cpu/gpu's temps?
4) is there a way I can protect my mobo from condensation with stuff I have around the house like electrical tape, plastic wrap, foil, or glues?

Thank you
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1)No. Just leave the stock paste on if you're broke.

2)Do you mean the IHS - the piece of metal covering the core? Then yes, it does. But, only until very recently have GPU cores had an IHS. This can kill your CPU if not done right, and will require a bit of modding to your socket (and maybe your CPU heatsink and nearby heatsinks on the mobo that are too tall).

3)Software. But, to monitor fan speed, the fan wires that plug into the mobo must be made of 3 wires (2 for current, 1 for speed reading).
Try Everest Home Edition, Speedfan and PC Wizard 2006.

4)Well, where there's air, theres possible condensation. Nothing you listed could replace silicon applied to the motherboard, so you'd have to seal your case and create a vacuum inside. But, if you did that, everything would overheat very quickly.

If your village/town/city is having very cold weather, and you do see condensation forming on your computer, then buy a air heater ASAP, and get one near your computer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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