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Well, there's the question of the day. I bought one of these Zalman Northbridge coolers, and plan to cut it up into about 10 aluminum heatsinks for cooling MOSFETs. My TForce 550 apparently dies very quickly if you select the highest voltages in the BIOS. I don't want my board to die, so it's time to mod this thing!

For the mod to be successful, the MOSFET heatsinks can't fall off. Which would be better...the permanent solution, or the Ceramique? I don't even know how well the Arctic Ceramique holds, since it says it was made for CPUs and is easily removed...

I was thinking each heatsink could be cut to include 4 of the large prongs, and then a chunk of the base. Anyone with experience think the non-permanent solution will be able to hold that weight? (Ceramique) I'd prefer to use Ceramique if possible, since if anything lands on it, I don't want the heatsink to act as a lever and snap the MOSFET right off the board.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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