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Cooling Project in IKEA BESTA Cabinet for NAS server, PS5 & Home cinema receiver

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Hello Everyone,

So I would like to cool a customized NAS server (i3 8100, 5 HDD's, bitfenix prodigy m) on the left side of the cabinet and a PS5 & Home Cinema Receiver in the middle cabinet.

Initially I thought of the AC INFINITY solutions like the AIRPLATE T8 but unfortunately its way too expensive, especially in my country ($250)

So I'm now thinking of making it on my own with Noctua Fans, I liked the Noctua NF-P12 redux-1300 PWM 120MM due to low noise and value for money.

I thought to put in the bottom back of the cabinet an intake fan and on the top back of the cabinet the exhaust fan, both fans will be connected by a 4pin to USB adapters into a USB HUB. (The doors of the cabinet will be closed at all time))

What do you think of it ? Does it mean the fans will always run at 100% ? do you know any product that I can use for temp control (with dedicated screen or phone app control) ?