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long story short: i cant get any new hardware, so ocing will have to do. so now i need a none stock cooler. i got a s939 3200 and a msi k8n neo 2 platinum.

so far out of these which will give me the coolest system when ocing? I will try and push for 2.6+, if i can, right now its at 2.3.

TT not sure if it will fit with my mobo.

T. Ultra-120 will fit with a different bracket

Scythe Infinity


Now is there a better cooler? and for the tt, scythe, and thermalright, what 120mm fan should i be looking at, I'm not worried about noise, just want something with lots of air flow.

thanks for the help,

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If the Tuniq Tower will if your case get it, it's the best CPU air cooler. Also, if you are getting that make sure to get Liquid Metal or Arctic Silver 5 to go with it, it should drop your temperatures by another few degrees, which is always good.

-[OCN] Ninja_Boy
i already ordered some artic silver 5, the artic silver cleaning crap and an accelero for my 6800gt. does any one know if the tuniq tower will fit on the neo 2 plat?
Go with the big typhoon or the Scythe infinity. if you can find the tuniq tower I'd take that first.

By Big Typhoon worked wonders for me... dropped my temp 10-15C from stock cooling. (idle temps). My idle temp changes constantly based on the temp in my room. my ambient case temp on idle goes anywhere from 18c to 30c just depending on the day.
Apart from the Tuniq Tower..Out of that list i would choose the Ultra 120 in reviews it performs really well.
well does any one know if the tt fits on my board?

got my as5 and artic cleaning stuff and the accelero
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