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"Copper Bond" will not work for you heatercore.

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Well I decided to put barbs on my heater core because I wanted to switch to 7/16ID 5/8OD and I figured that would be a tight fit. So I go to Home Depot and start looking for a torch and I find this copper bond stuff for $9...ALOT cheaper then buying a torch, flux, and solder.

I get it home and install the fittings on to my heatercore and everything looks good. I got some on my hands and I took a look at the directions to see what's in it and read the entire thing. I end up running past "Not to be used with anti-freeze or any chemicals" in small font. I'm using MCT-5. I just spent $9 on something that won't work.

So long story short; don't buy "Copper Bond" unless you are using it for house pipes.
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Just a total shot in the dark, but you might consider the gastank/radiator patch kits that auto supply places sell.
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