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GA UD5 x79
32gb Gskill 1600
GTX 680
1000W Silent pro

So for some reason my main bios is corrupted (not pressed in with green light on I believe). When I try to boot, it just sounds like there's a shortage, then after 3 times it finally boots up, makes you think it's entering bios, then resets and does it all over again.

When I press the dual BIOS button in (blue light) it works and everything is fine.

This makes no sense because I flashed both BIOS sides to F12.

I read somewhere to hold ALT + F10 to copy settings over, but that was to copy Main Bios to Back Up bios, so the guy had it wrong:


I tried to CMOS reset, but my rig is so damn bulky my Graphics card and Noctua D14 are in the way.
Again, my backup is working just fine

Anyway around this?


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There's a second key to do the reverse of that Alt-F10. Perhaps by holding Ctrl instead of Alt? I can't remember.

What works for my crappier Gigabyte board (it does not have any switch or button on the board) is the following:

(1) Shut the PC off.
(2) Turn it on by holding the power button for at least 10 seconds. The PC will turn on and will turn off. Don't let go of the power button while this is happening.
(3) The next time you turn the PC on, the backup BIOS will take over and present a screen with several options, one of them for flashing the main BIOS.

Usually, the backup BIOS should automatically present that screen mentioned in (3) if the main BIOS does not manage to boot normally. Turning the PC on like I described is a trick related to that. It forces the automatic detection to decide that the main BIOS is broken.

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You can do BIOS swap with CTRL+ F10 (don't forget to flip the switch on boot since backup will become corrupted one now), then MAIN to BACKUP with ALT + F10.
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