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copying OS to RAID array

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I have Windows 7 RC installed on an 80gb PATA hard drive, and I just installed 3 new hard drives in RAID0, but do not have the Windows 7 install disk anymore. What I need to do is copy the partition from the old Hard drive onto the RAID array. How can I do this? I have tried booting into various linux distro's off a flash drive to use fdisk to do it but I cannot get them to recognize the RAID. Any ideas are welcome. thanks.
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theres no way, raid requires drivers and even if u manage to transfer the os u still need to have drivers already installed into the os , just reinstall the OS from a flash drive ,its possible to do it these days...this aint the 90s
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What kind of RAID controller are you using?

I have used Ghost to move images to/from RAID arrays many times. Sees the array as just one big disk (as it should)..

Only caveat is that you need to load the RAID drivers in your OS before you do this. Boot to the PATA drive, load drivers while in OS, then shut down to copy the partition..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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