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Core 2 Duo Build for a man with a very tight budget..

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Well i have given up hope with this computer.

I shelled out way to much for this pile of **** and it BSOD's in FEAR/BF2/ANYTHING I WANT TO DO

When i hook up my lan cable... BOOM BSOD
when i hook up my camera...... BOOM BSOD
when i try to overclock my video card. BOOM BSOD

it just is not worth ****ing with this pile of **** and i'm fed up with it....

$290 is what i know i will end up havening eventually and i'm close to 35 rep so i can sell of this hardware to someone who wants it.

look to build from the case up....
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Well, an E6300 and a Gigabyte S3 should fit in $290.. then you need to find some money for some RAM, maybe a new PSU.. and that should do..
When i get the rep i'll sell off some of this stuff.
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E6300 $160

2gb Dual chan Patriot DDR800 $199

Gigabyte DS3 $120

But please dont buy any of this cos im saving up for it all

Also nto sure how cheap they are for you, but they are for me because of conversion rates. But hey worth a try.
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Don't give up yet!

The most probable problem is either faulty RAM or bad settings on your RAM.

Head over to DFI-Street and search through the Stock Speed, and fine the exact timings of your RAM. Then set them and see if that helps - you may have to reinstall Windows.

Also, run MemTest and try updating the BIOS.
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It's not the ram - ram is [email protected] 2-2-2-8 and it passes 27 hours in memtest and i just cant get this stable at 2.8ghz and that's the why i built it. It's probably a driver issue but i'm sick of driver issues and all that other ****
Get the Biostar TForce 965PT.

$100. Averages 500FSB minimum. Friends gets 535+. Save you some money there.
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