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core i5 temps

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at what temps should u start saying "i need a better cooler or i need to take down my overclock"?

Right now im running core i5 with asus p55d motherboard and the arctic cooling freezer 7 pro heatsink inside the antec nine hundred 2.

Currenty im at 3.685ghz (175.5x21)
my temps with prime95 now running for about 20 minutes is 69-72c max. Is this too high? Should i back off? at 3.35 or something ghz i never reached the 60c marker. Should i go back? The only thing holding me back from higher is just temps, so what u guys think are highest temps i should be reaching?
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that's fine. I'd stop when load temps hit 80°c.

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that's fine. I'd stop when load temps hit 80°c.

thx for the input, i also JUST installed the cooler yesterday so i guess the temps would go down once the coolant (forget name of that stuff) sets in more. I used the stuff that came with it already attached, should i have wiped that off u think and put on the some 3rd party stuff? i doubt arctic cooling would make this amazing heat sink and then put second rate cooling gel on it...
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See my system in my sig. We are using the same SPU heatsink, but I left the stock thermal paste on it. I have my CPU OC'd to 3.60 and am getting 100% P95 load temps of 65C, idle of 38C. Room temp for this was about 21C-22C. I have 4 case fans, two blowing air out, two in. But overall case pressure is negative, need to balance that a bit better...
i got my i5 is clocked @ 3213.6mhz x20 bus speed 160.7mhz core V is 1.184V and idle temps are 50c and while i play MW2 is 62-67c
is this normal my cpu cooler http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Rocketfi...2609&st=cooler
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