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Hey guys up for sale is a 5820K. Have had the CPU for a couple of months now, but its lightly used, since i tend to use my Z170 rig more.

It is able to pass 1 hour Realbench stress test at 4.5G Core @ 1.25V & 4.3G Cache with 1.26V. Tests were done with 16GB 2666C15 RAM, Gigabyte X99 Soc Champion & a Corsair H100i was used to cool the CPU. C-states & Speedstep Disabled.

All the minor details are visible in the screenshot below



Depending on your cooling & setup, you should be pretty much able to achieve similar results. Cache freq is highly dependent on your mobo (need a mobo with OC Socket).

This same chip, I was able to test 1 hour realbench stable at 4.6 @ 1.3V in winter (2 months ago), but its summer now, so due to higher ambient temps, I wasn't able to stabilize 4.6 with my H100i, should be doable with a custom loop though.


Price is $330 shipped within US48. I don't wish to sell this internationally.
Paypal is the preferred method of payment.
If you have any questions, let me know.
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