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Core i7 Hyperthreading ON/OFF VISTA performance????

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Does anyone know
if vista performance
is improved with HT on?

links to any data?
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HT in all real world apps is better 95% of the time. Somethings like games don't like hyperthreading though.
I assume so yes.

I don't have any facts to back it up though.
Well only synthetic programs and heavy cpu intensive programs like hyperthreading. Games will have like a 5% decrease in fps. There's isn't too much info about this with the i7 but pentium 4 info will clue you in. Google is your friend.

The stats in the page should be understandable by anyone who can read this.
Core I7 920 Hyperthreading | No Hyperthreading | Difference

There are some pro's and cons of Hyperthreading.
You'll notice a difference if you have a ton of windows open/video editing.
I notice it works well with my system being overclocked to 3.9 and works very good. I do see some performance increases but nothing in games like a FPS drop. In 3dmark vantage I get about +400 pts on processor with it on, but that is about it.
I feel the same way
I can overclock my i7 for daily use at 4.28 with ht off
but with ht on im at 4.0

4.0 with ht feels extra snappy in vista 64 ( no facts just seat of the pants)
almost makes windows run quicker than 4.28 ht off

So im just mainly concerned with Vista /OS performance
i'd prefer HT on, whats the point of even having HT if you don't use it.
I'm into overclocking (overclock.net)
you can't reach higher clocks with ht on + 10 degrees avg on each core

I have googled ht for core i7 and there isnt much info
except the slight decrease in games

I'm looking for what kind of OS speed gains are obtained to offset the 280mhz decrease in clock
You already have 4 physical core. Unless you are using those all the way up then there really isnt any reason to have it. Hyperthreading is mainly there to benefit from multithreaded applications. If you only game then I would turn it off. If you do video encoding, Video editing, 3d modeling/annimation/rendering or anything engineering related then I would leave it on. Most of those apps are multithreaded but games can barely use 2 cores much less 8. Its all about what you do.

If you dont do much more than game, I recomend turning it off mainly because windows does not distinguish the difference between a physical core with one thread and a physical core with 2 threads. It only knows threads and sees a core i7 as an 8 core processor. This can hurt you because if you have a dual threaded application, windows may allocate the threads to the same core and therefore using one core to allocate two threads when you have 3 others sitting around doing nothing. Granted, this only happens for a split second because the load gets split up but that would cause maybe 5-10% decrease in performance I would think. Multithreaded apps DEFINATELY benefit from it. I leave it on all the time. I do alot of 3d rendering. It really helps alot.
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jr harvey thank you for the info
3DMark 06 Score Show some gain without HT. I'll post pics (testing Now)
Ok Here's the pictures.

HT OFF- 3DMark06 Score & WPrime 32 Score

HT ON- 3DMark06 Score & WPrime 32 Score

As you can see 3Dmark06 is sensitive to HT & I want to try games to confirm real life application situation.

PS:BTW how about my 3DMark06 score. It's OK or Low compared to others?
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