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[Core Temp] Core Temp 0.99.5 Build 20

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Originally Posted by The Coolest

Version 0.99.5 (Build 20) - 12th March, 2009

- Fix: Incorrect clock speeds reported on some systems.
- Fix: At startup Core Temp shows 0 (?) or 21 (?) on AMD K8 series.
- Fix: Turion MK series recognition was wrong.
- Fix: Properly detect Atom and Core i7 engineering samples.
- Fix: Tri-Core AMD CPUs incorrectly shown as having only 2 cores and 2 threads in 64bit Core Temp binary.
- Fix: System tray text was off center.
- Fix: Penryn (mobile Core 2) processors reported as having 85C TjMax instead of 90C.

- Add: Completely new code for processor speed detection.
- Add: Running several instances of Core Temp is now possible (enable in Settings).
- Add: A comprehensive processor information windows (F3 or Tools --> System information).

- Change: Temp turns Orange when temperature is over TControl, and Red when CPU is thottling/critical.


Driver is signed this time as well
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Awesome, was tired of having to use Realtemp all the time.
Oh god please dont start making program updates as software news... every build that releases.. we will have a post every 7 minutes... "NEW BUILD OUT NOW FEATURING...."
It's a BETA.
Still works good anyways.
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