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Since yesterday Core Temp has been... Wonky. Right now its showing that 1 core is 81c while the other is 8c
HWMonitor shows them correctly but I'm wondering why Core Temp would suddenly screw up like this. The only thing I can think of is, yesterday I had the bottom removed to clean the fan and someone placed they're WHOLE hand on the motherboard (Wasn't grounded beforehand).

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It's possible that the core temp sensor could have taken slight damage, however the other software reports normal temps...

In this case, i would suggest that maybe Core Temp has become corrupt or may be having a software conflict. Try Real Temp. This is one of the best lightweight programs used by many overclockers and it's one of the most accurate.

I hope i have helped answer your question and i am sorry if i've misunderstood. Good Luck!

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