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Corsair 550W vs Zalman 500W

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I will probably be building a rig for my friend , and i was wondering what PSU should i use, they are priced the same in my country.
Your opinion on which is better,and why?
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Corsair PSUs are very reliable; definitely better quality compared to Zalmans.
41Amps on the 12v rail says it all.
The Zalman unit can do 408w on 12v vs. Corsair unit does 490w on 12v. The Corsair 550vx is better than many generic 650w/700w psu out there.
If you absolutely must have modular you would have to choose the Zalman. The Zalman certainly isn't bad but I would always choose a well built CWT PSH (Corsair vx550) over a FSP Epsilon (Zalman).
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Don't be crazy. Go for the Corsair.
corsair ftw.
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