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Corsair Carbide Air 240/280X Owner's Club

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Hello! Welcome to the Corsair Carbide Air 240/280X Case Club @ OCN!! If you would like to join the club, post some pics/ description of your build.

Meet the Carbide Series Air 240 – an extraordinary small form factor PC case for Mini-ITX and MicroATX computers. The eye-catching cube design -- complete with a full side window -- hosts an internal layout optimized for maximum airflow or advanced water-cooling configurations (including a 240mm radiator or two).​

The CORSAIR Crystal Series 280X is a high-performance Micro-ATX case with three beautiful tempered glass panels and an innovative dual-chamber internal layout for clean looks and superior cooling.

Signature Carbide Air styling touches

  • Mini-ITX and MicroATX support in a compact size
  • AIR 240- Direct Airflow path cooling
  • AIR 240 - Dimensions: 315mm × 265mm × 400mm (H×W×D) / 12.4in × 10.43in × 15.75in (H×W×D)
  • 280X - Dimensions: 398mm x 276mm x 351mm (H×W×D) / 15.7 x 10.9 x 13.8 inches (H×W×D)

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Club Members

Please fill out the info on the Google Docs form, in your post in this thread add a picture of your build and I will add you to the list here in post #1. I've also added a Post # column if you would like to add the number of your thread post or even the direct URL to the post so its easier for people to find your build that would be cool.

Google Docs Spreadsheet for Air 240 Owners
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Kinda surprised it didn't have its own thread. But thanks for adding the 280X to the club...

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Kinda surprised it didn't have its own thread. But thanks for adding the 280X to the club...
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You're welcome! Yeah, with these boards on the decline its a bummer.
That is true. There was way more activity years ago. I've been off this for a while due to work schedules. I've switched cases 3 times in the last year and finally decided on this one when I realised the air 240 was hard to find. While I like the 280X, the 240 was my first choice.

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The GPU was a tight fit. So very tight fit that I'll definitely add two more fans at the bottom to help it cope with the air blowing directly at the case window. Maybe one more at the top, but I'll check if it'll actually make it (flow) worse for the CPU cooler, I don't know... Maybe. Or maybe, even add all the coolers and two 40mm or something like that at the rear, looks like the case already support it, so it could help with the flow, moving more ar into the CPU cooler... Maybe... I don't know. Choices... Science, it's so hard.

I currently have one at the top and two at the front. Didn't test temps yet, but it's performing alright and I don't think the hot air coming from the top is that hot after a few hours of use, but I'll (also) definitely install afterburner and do some (past due) testing.
  • Gigabyte B450 something
  • Ryzen 2700X (stock cooler)
  • 16 GB 3200mhz
  • RX 5700 XT
  • 1 TB NVME XPG something
I F'n love this case. it's so versatile for it's size.

PS: lots of reflexes on the photos, please don't mind them. (Unless you see me naekeed :)





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Hey fellow Corsair Air 240 owners!!!

I know this is a long shot, but I was wondering if anybody is willing to sell their GPU fastening/securing plate (not sure what to call it); Please see the attached pictures. I'm willing to pay $10 for this! Or does anybody know where I can find a replacement?

I would really really appreciate this sediment!


Please respond or PM me at your earliest convenience!!! Thank you :)
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