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Corsair H70 temp, normal? sorry i know this is somewhere.

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My newly installed corsair H70 is sitting at 30C at idle is that bad? or normal?

My processor is a 930 I7 2.8 ghz, not over clocked.
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That's perfectly fine and normal, but what are you load temperatures? What is your ambient temperature?
can't tell nothing from idle......use prime load that sucker up then tell us the temps.
Just installed mine a few moments ago. I7 930 @ 3.6ghz HT off. 40c idle, 60c load.
Without ambient temps it is impossible to say. If the temp in your room is -12F then you are running really hot. :) Mine runs around 32c and 55c with ambient temps at 20c.
OC'ed some more to 4ghz with HT on now, 40c idle still 70c load.
60C is too warm on AMD, I would suggest that you try to remount the cooler to get better temperatures.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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