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Corsair M60 against G9x

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I have a G9x at the moment and really love it's shape (with the wide-load grip), does the Corsair M60 feel similar? Also, how does the software stack up? Can you pick any DPI with the M60 or does it only go up/down in fairly large increments, and can you change what each button on the mouse does? Is it heavier than the G9X? Finally, is the scroll wheel as difficult to press as the G9x?
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Can't do comparisons, but, I can give you a rundown on the M60.

4 DPI settings of your choice. (Slider to set them) 3x on the DPI selector, 1 for the "Sniper Button".

Middle mouse button is pretty hard to press down.

Yes, you can change what the buttons do. Not very advanced, but I set my Forward/Back buttons to Copy/Paste.

Software is ok. No problems with it yet, but I don't use it much.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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