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Updated August 29, 2009

45nm - HX1000w
Aden Florian - HX1000W
Afrodisiac - VX550w
AMOCO - TX650w
andyroo89 - TX650w
b.walker36 - HX1000w
Banedox - TX650w
Bee - HX1000W
BioHzrd - 1000Hx
BlackOPSoc - HX620w
block70 - 2x TX650w
Bloodfire - HX1000w
bmost1022 - HX850w
bob808 - HX1000w
BradleyW - VX550w
bumsoil - TX850W
Cheezypoofs - TX750w & Hx520w
Compaddict - 3x TX750w
Contagion - VX550w
Crooksy - TX750w
Cryptedvick - Hx520w
Darius Silver - HX620W
DarkstarX10a - TX750w
doat - TX850W
double00 - HX620w
DraganUS - TX750w
Ecchi-BANZAII!!! - HX1000w
Evil-Jester - TX550
Extreme Newbie - HX1000W
Fitzbane - HX620w
flag182 - TX750w
flowtek - Hx520w
G|F.E.A.D|Killa - HX1000w
GeforceGTS - HX1000w
gnolnats - TX750W
greeenPlastic - TX650w
gsk3rd - HX750w
Gunney - HX620w
hackm0d - HX620W
Halciet - HX1000w & HX620W
Hanjin - VX550w
headcracker - TX750w
hitman1985 - TX750w
iandroo888 - TX750w
iDShaDoW - HX620W
intelfan - CX400
ipod4ever - TX750w
jarble - Hx520w
Jason4i7 - HX1000w
Jeffmizrahi - TX750W
justinDA - HX850
kimosabi - TX750w & VX550w
kinubic - TX750w
lkegley9 - TX750w
Lord Xeb - TX650w
Maian - TX750w
mimart7 - TX650w
mind0uT - TX750w
Nightz2k - TX850W
NoodleGTS - HX1000w
Patch - HX1000w
Peace11uehman - HX1000w
PowerTrip - TX750w
qUAan - HX1000w
raiden911 - HX750W & HX1000W
raisethe3 - TX650wW
Ramzinho - TX650ww
Rick Arter - TX750w
Rook_ - TX850W
scottath - HX620W
scuderia - HX1000w
ShadowFox19 - TX750w
ShadowGun - TX750W
shadowk - HX620w
Shane1244 - VX550w
Shift. - HX620w
SilverPotato - HX620w
soundx98 - HX620w
Sparky6string - TX750w
SporkofdooM - TX650w
Stellarex - TX750w
Sullivan - TX850W
Swiftes - vx450
Swiftes - vx450w
Tizmo - vx450w
todd2008 - TX750w
tofunater - HX520W
T-R - HX1000w
UnAimed - HX1000w & HX620w
Vermillion - TX650w
vuxdu - HX550w
wannabe_OC - TX750w
wasbo - TX650ww
We Gone - HX1000w
wierdo124 - Hx520w
xbanhxbaox - TX650w
XJBluto - hx750w
xlr8ter - TX550W & TX750W
xonix - HX620w
Xyro TR1 - CX400, vx450, VX550w, tx850
yang88she - HX1000w
yellowtoblerone - CX400
zomgiwin - HX520w

Mine, I have mounted upside down, so it sucks air in:

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Originally Posted by Sullivan View Post
So, ya, here post what you have, and a picture.
Here we will also discuss some cable management for these suckers, as the non modular can be difficult to deal with.

Sullivan - Corsair TX850w
so all the HX owners are welcome to contribute as well?
- in spite of having a modular one chaos rules in my case (literally), I'm going to clean up once I get a new, fully transparent case... hopefully soon.

Bee - HX1000W

overkill, but it was only $163 and I keep adding stuff....

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I don't have a picture of the PSU in use because I'm not at my house at the moment, but I can get one this weekend. The best I can do is this;

The box is somewhere in that mess... good idea though, I love my Corsair TX850W. By far the best PSU I've ever owned.

Edit: My cable management is a joke as of now, I zip tied up the unused cables and shoved them in the HDD bay.

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i gots me a 850 corsair

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I got a VX550 in my old rig, and a TX750 Coming for my new rig!

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Corsair tx750!

Premium Member
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HX1000 here, I know it's overkill for my rig but I had different plans at the time of buying and I couldn't find a modular 750-800w I was happy with, plus I got it for a good price


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Pics from my Q9450 rig.

Corsair HX1000.

Cables managed.

Took me all night.

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Count me in! 1000W of Corsair power here.

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I got an 850WTX and i absolutely love it, good build quality but i need to flip mine over so the fan is facing inside the case and can actually get some air but college is taking up my time. Luckily i only have one more day then i can actually work on my cable management and test out AS5 against IC diamond.
Here is a pic i took before managing my cables, trust me i will make them look a lot better once i make some cuts in my mobo tray.

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850W TXW here as well. Love it, best PSU I've owned yet.

As far as cable management goes, this is about the best I can do with this case.
The airflow is fine though.

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